United Nations peacekeeping operations, because of their standard operating procedures, result in peace settlements with better outcomes for host governments and worse outcomes for rebels. As such, rebel and government groups attempt to prevent or encourage UN intervention respectively. Even in cases where peacekeepers are not deployed, the shadow of peacekeeping can still shape conflict behavior.

Side Projects

No First Use – Unnecessary OR Dangerous (with Alex Lanoszka) – Under Review

The No First Use nuclear policy has been denounced as both unnecessary and dangerous. We examine this assertion with a formal framework and find that whether it is true depends on additional assumptions.

Peace Keeping and Leadership Tenure

What happens to country leaders when civil wars end?  Looking across civil wars, I find that leaders seem to do better with UN facilitated settlements than they do with outright victory. I explore this result in depth in the case of the DRC and suggest explanations for this unexpected result.

The Abuse of Children in Civil War

Why do certain armed groups do more harm to children than other groups?  In this paper I develop theories of child victimization building off the recent work on civilian victimization. I test these theories using a new data set of child victimization from 2003 to today.